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ED may be a medical condition, but you’ve already discovered its effects spill over into other aspects of your life. That’s something that’s difficult to understand unless you’ve been there yourself.


Patient educators are men & women who have taken control of ED with a penile implant. They understand how erectile dysfunction can lead to depression, anxiety, and even low self-esteem and are now enjoying satisfying sexual experiences once more.1 If you need to know more about what it’s like to have sex after a penile implant, these individuals can answer your questions.


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    Bir hemşireyle konuş

    Andy - patient educator
    Connect with a Patient Educator

    I am 59 years old and have been married to my wonderful wife, Sue since 2007.

    We each have two children from previous marriages, two 30-year-olds and two 29-year-olds!
    In 2012 I was diagnosed with Prostate cancer. I had the entire Prostate removed, but unfortunately there was also an element of nerve damage during the operation.

    This resulted in suffering erectile dysfunction. It also lead to severe depression and put a huge strain on my relationships, particularly my marriage.

    None of the ‘usual’ medications worked, so towards the end of 2015.

    I took the decision to get a penile implant. It was not a decision taken lightly and was made with the full support of my wife. I haven’t looked back since. It has given me back my sense of manhood and self-worth.

    My career has generally been in the sales and marketing sector, which latterly, until COVID came to pass, centred around the events industry. 2020 has been difficult to say the least (as it obviously has everyone!) but has proven to be strangely rewarding. With none of my usual clients operating and no prospect of the resurrection of any shows, conferences or events, I was forced to look for alternative employment. I have spent my time managing a mobile COVID testing unit, based in and around Peterborough UK.

    Again, this plays to and reinforces my sense of self-worth and fulfilment.

    I am now looking to enter semi-retirement. My wife and I have spent the past 18 months renovating an old American RV and plan, COVID permitting, to head off to warmer climes in the coming months. We will both continue to conduct some fund-generating activities, thanks to a robust broadband setup.